covered area
111.600 hectare area 150.000 apricot tree
Dried with Natural Ingredients healthy products

Our company, which aims to bring high quality products to our customers,
has organic agriculture and food safety certificates.

All departments in our facility are designed according to food safety standards;
With 111,600 hectares of land and 150,000 apricot trees, production is carried out by a professional
team in a 6000 m² closed area and under hygienic conditions.

We turn the best quality raw fruits, which are processed in a hygienic facility in accordance with
the legislation, into natural and healthy products by drying them at high standards.

100% Natural and Unique
Fruits Dried Carefully

Our dried fruits are easy to digest and have very good blood cleansing properties.
Our product range; Dried Mulberry, Dried Apricot, Prune and Dried Fig.