Apricot Kernel

Apricot is a fruit with seeds. Turkey, Iraq, production in many countries such as Afghanistan made it necessary fruit industry should constitute an important part of the food industry. Its seeds are divided into two. While sweet beans are consumed as snacks, bitter seeds are used as raw materials in the cosmetics industry. In this respect, apricot fruit has a large production and market share.

In the functional foods group, apricot seed contains polysaccharide, fatty acid and sterol derivatives as well as carrotenoids, various vitamins, minerals and volatile compounds. According to researches, an apricot kernel contains 21.8% protein, 40.2% fat and 35.8% dietary fiber. Protein content ranges from 14.1% to 45.3%.

The apricot kernel is separated from the shell and dried, and then the kernel is removed from the shell with appropriate equipment.

Our company has made it a mission to host these 100% organic products away from chemical, soluble and inorganic substances such as protecting consumer health, drugs, fertilizers, growth regulators and hormones, which organic production aims at, like all other organic products it owns.