Sun Dried Apricot

With its high nutritional value, apricots can be consumed for a longer period of time by drying as they can be used as table. Turkey is important to produce world apricots, while providing the majority of Malatya-Elazığ Erzincan region of production, Malatya, production manufacturing center. One of the other types of products Malatya has unique and to the consumer is “sun dried”.

Sun Dried Apricot, one of the dried apricot varieties, is obtained by picking the apricot after the harvesting stage and drying in the sun. The fact that the amount of water in its content is higher than other dried apricots is one of those that create this variety. Long-term preservation trail dried in the sun, day-dry, without any additives and without any exposure.

As with all other organic products that our company owns, it has taken these 100% organic products away from chemical, soluble and inorganic substances such as fertilizers, growth regulators and hormones, to protect the health of the consumer, which is aimed by organic production, at the tables of our valuable consumers.